Being and Doing

Do you and your team possess a powerful sense of purpose but sometimes feel stretched and as if you're 'spinning too many plates'?

Would you value the opportunity to develop greater clarity, focus and resilience throughout your school?

Being and Doing supports leaders to create compassionate and sustainable school cultures based on compelling leadership and a sense of collective wellbeing.

We want teams to imagine and deliver new possibilities, do exceptional work and gain new perspectives on their everyday responsibilities. To gain greater perception, compassion and confidence. And we know that coaching and development work is emergent and contextual.

School leaders have told us that they don’t need a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that limits development and sustainability, but what they do need is flexibility and accountability. Being and Doing offers a range of coaching interventions that can be aligned to an initial Being and Doing audit and your development plan. This means we can all talk about meaningful and measurable impact. We offer: 
  • one-to-one leadership and executive coaching
  • one-to-one development coaching 
  • team and paired coaching
  • team development workshops
  • group and team facilitation

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Wellbeing DEVELOPMENT imageWellbeing DEVELOPMENT image
We understand that individual and collective wellbeing is at the core of an effective and successful school. External intervention and support must start from wellbeing – otherwise any change, no matter how positive, will not create resilience in the organisation.

This is not about change but it is about doing things better. Working smarter not harder with aligned and efficient teams who focus on effectiveness, integrity and values. Being and Doing has an approach to rooted in Continued Personal Development rather than the traditional Continued Professional Development model

Being and Doing offers a range of wellbeing interventions that can be aligned to our initial Being and Doing audit, and  to your development plan, and this means we can all talk about meaningful and measurable impact. These include looking at:
  • Values and Perspective
  • Workload and Belonging
  • Balance and Agency
  • Mindfulness and Somatic awareness

The Being & Doing Audit is a tool that helps you self-assess where you, your team, and school are around the core aspects of wellbeing and leadership culture. The audit is undertaken as an appreciative inquiry - absolutely focussing on the positive but also looking to identify areas that might be improved.

The audit is free-to-use but we ask that you share your findings with us through a short follow up phonecall. We are passionate about wellbeing and leadership culture, and data on this issue is in scant supply in the sector. Not only will you help us improve our understanding of what is going well (and less well) in schools, but you will also enable us to positively influence the sector. Rest assured - all findings will be anonomised.

When your school is ready we'd be happy to undertake an external review of wellbeing and leadership culture and produce a detailed quality assurance report for the school. The Being & Doing Wellbeing Quality Mark will be given to schools showing high standards of wellbeing practice and great leadership culture.

To get a copy of the audit tool, or talk about the Being & Doing Wellbeing Quality Mark , just send a request through the Contacts page or alternatively phone us on 07747063530.

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 'I have found the coaching experience with Emma absolutely invaluable, both personally and professionally. Our sessions have been full of insight, honesty and humour, and I feel that I have come such a long way from when we started. Emma has helped me to find a confidence in myself, my values, and my actions that I didn't know I had and she has enabled me to find practical solutions to challenges I may experience.' 

School Senior Leader

 ‘The sessions became an effective review of my present position and plans. Paul listened closely and reflected back thoughts, language and patterns I was not consciously aware of. Gentle persistence allowed me to really unpack and issue that I had not fully recognized as an obstacle before.’ 

Special School Headteacher

 'What really worked on the sessions was the ability that Paul has to challenge views, attitudes and actions in a supportive and nurturing way….. The most powerful result from the session was the ability to go deeper with the investigation of who I am and what is the role that I want the have in my organization.' 

Public Relations Executive

 'Paul works with our senior leadership team to support us to think about the way that we work, and interact. He encourages honesty and openness, and guides us to reflect on how we can improve communication, which seems to be the root cause of any problems we encounter. He always has a range of strategies up his sleeve to engage us, and the sessions are active and thought-provoking. I leave the sessions with a spring in my step and renewed vigour and ambition for my role.' 

Special School Headteacher

 ‘Dr Emma Kell is both a professional whose purpose is to empower and enrich the lives of those she works for and with; and a person whose humour, compassion and kindness embodies the values of ethical research, which point towards the future with a tangible pragmatic optimism’ 

Matthew Roberts
Trust Lead For Oracy and Worship (The Green School Trust).
  • Hill House Road, London, England, United Kingdom