The Being & Doing Audit is a tool that helps you self-assess where you, your team, and school are around the core aspects of wellbeing and leadership culture. The audit is undertaken as an appreciative inquiry - absolutely focussing on the positive but also looking to identify areas that might be improved.

The audit is free-to-use but we ask that you share your findings with us through a short follow up phonecall. We are passionate about wellbeing and leadership culture, and data on this issue is in scant supply in the sector. Not only will you help us improve our understanding of what is going well (and less well) in schools, but you will also enable us to positively influence the sector. Rest assured - all findings will be anonomised.

When your school is ready we'd be happy to undertake an external review of wellbeing and leadership culture and produce a detailed quality assurance report for the school. The Being & Doing Wellbeing Quality Mark will be given to schools showing high standards of wellbeing practice and great leadership culture.

To get a copy of the audit tool, or talk about the Being & Doing Wellbeing Quality Mark , just send a request through the Contacts page or alternatively phone us on 07747063530.

THE BEING & DOING AUDIT and Quality Mark image